Join Us!

Every Saturday from noon to 1:30 pm, continuing until the war ends.

Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge
(Park at Home Depot; just to the west is a walkway to the bridge)

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Support Ukraine

A group of dedicated people who believe that humans deserve to live in safe, nurturing environments where their freedoms, beliefs and cultural heritage will be protected. We also believe that all living things need to be cared for and preserved for future generations to thrive.

A group of Oregon volunteers delivering much-needed medical supplies to Ukraine through Poland. Every donated dollar goes directly to life-saving medical equipment, and all expenses are publicly documented. Excellent organization, please donate if you can!

40+ members and dozens of caring volunteers working directly with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and hospitals all over Ukraine, to help in all directions: front line, army, territorial defense, police, hospitals, orphanages, refugees. Doing whatever it takes to help defeat the enemy and win the war, with your support!